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Audio Bird Deterrents

Audio Bird Deterrents

While the Bird Wailer, Squawker, BirdGard audio systems should be considered as the core system of any open area bird dispersal program – structural / exclusionary / visual bird control systems at other roosting areas - buildings, ponds, trees etc must be addressed as part of any comprehensive bird control program.

Timing is critical as birds are more apt to leave a briefly occupied site rather than an established roost. Appoint one person to organize and implement a harassment campaign commencing one hour before sunset and/or dawn using a diverse product mix. Effecting a dramatic change to the roosting area will often persuade birds to disperse. The obvious tactics include elimination of a food source, shelter and water. Remove nesting materials, thin/trim trees. A wide array of bird scare products is available. However, no single product stands alone; a combination of deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary.

Audio Bird Deterrents.

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